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About our House Calls & Your Expectations

Our goal is to provide you and your pet or pets the most comfortable, supportive and convenient in-home care possible.  You should expect that your investment in a veterinary house call will provide some things you might not receive in a traditional clinic setting.

More Time With The Doctor

We pride ourselves in providing a personal experience to each client, dog  or cat who we visit.   At an average clinic, you may have 10 to 20 minutes of face time with your vet.  During our house calls you will have at least 30 to 40 minutes of time with a veterinarian.  It is important to us that you receive personal attention and extended time with the doctor that you might not receive in a traditional clinic setting.  It is that added time and value which makes our home visits special.

You will have the doctor’s undivided attention.  There are no waiting rooms, unfamiliar pets or surroundings.  We will provide you with a personal  experience that we feel is of the highest importance for the care of your pet and our relationship with you.

To read about some of our client’s experiences, please read our Testimonials.

“Not only does she have a great compassion, Dr. Mesher is one of the most logical, intelligent and conscientious  Vets that I have ever met. She really thinks through her decisions. She is better prepared for visits than I have ever witnessed  and the cost of her services is extremely reasonable. She is much more cost-effective than any brick-and-mortar vet that I have ever visited.”   – Harriett C.

Dedicated Technicians

When the doctor arrives at your home, she is usually accompanied by one technician.  The technician will be carrying several bags of  supplies and equipment for the appointment.

The technician will  prepare your pet for the exam, enter information into our computer system, and perform other procedures as directed by the doctor (such as drawing blood for labwork, etc.).  As with the doctor, your technician is dedicated to you and your pets during their appointment.

Our technicians are very caring and have a great deal of experience working with dogs and cats.  They have been trained in methods of  holding animals for the safety of the pet and themselves during the exam and procedures.

Thorough Exams, Labwork & Diagnostics

The doctor, with the help of her assistants, will conduct a thorough exam  and recommend labwork or other diagnostic tests that may be necessary if a  medical issue is identified.  The doctor will explain what each recommended test is for and the cost of each.  You will be involved in the  decisions related to your pet’s treatment plan, and you can be confident that labwork, tests and diagnostic recommendations are only made when  absolutely needed.


You can contact At Home Veterinary Services via phone at  503-281-1631, our Contact Us page, your may e-mail dvm@pdxhomevet.com.  No matter how you contact us, we will respond to you as soon as possible in a  professional, kind and understanding way.

After your appointment, we will follow up with you if any lab work or  diagnostics were ordered and discuss the next course of action for your pet.  We will also contact you with reminders for annual exams, follow up exams, vaccinations and other recommended procedures.  We will also occasionally “check in” with you to see how everyone is doing, especially if any health issues had been identified at a previous visit.

We encourage our clients to call or email if they have any questions – we  believe open communication leads to the best possible care for your pets.

You may also wish to read our Frequently Asked Questions about house calls.

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