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Dr. Dillon

From your first contact with us, our entire team is dedicated in assisting you and your pet(s).  Each one of our doctors, technicians and support staff are dedicated to our mission of improving the comfort and quality of life for pets and their people!

Louise Mesher, DVM, CCRT


Dr. Mesher was born and raised in Newfoundland, Canada. She lived in British Columbia for a while and it was here she realized the PNW rocks! After veterinary school in Prince Edward Island, Canada at the Atlantic Veterinary College, she loaded up her dogs and textbooks and moved to Washington state in 1999.


Louise has worked at a variety of practices - a mixed animal practice, a cat clinic, a cat shelter, and as a staff veterinarian at Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital in Portland.  It wasn’t until she took a job with a mobile practice in 2005 that she finally found her forever style of practice. Since then, she has worked with the certainty that this is how veterinary medicine “should be”. Most animals and people are more comfortable at home!


In 2008, Louise started At Home Veterinary Services with a mission to provide in-home veterinary care for dogs and cats….especially senior pets who are often underserved in traditional veterinary clinics. All animals, regardless of age or mobility, deserve exceptional care and thoughtful treatment plans.


Louise has a passion for helping pet guardians improve their animals’ quality of life. There is nothing more satisfying, she believes, than giving a geriatric pet a new lease on life. She has continually worked towards learning new ways to relieve pain, restore function and provide comfort.  She has trained in acupuncture and in rehabilitation (like physical therapy) in order to bring more options to her patients. Currently, she is working towards a certification as a veterinary pain practitioner and is excited to have new skills to improve patient comfort.


In addition to feeling very fortunate to have a career and co-workers that she loves, Louise loves gardening and planning for an edible landscape at the rural property she shares with her husband, Ryan, preteen daughter, Emmie, and an array of misfit pets

Heather B. Dillon, DVM


After graduating from Texas A&M University in 1996, Dr. Dillon spent a year completing an internship on Prince Edward Island at Atlantic Veterinary College. (It was here that Drs. Mesher and Dillon met and became friends.)


Dr. Dillon moved to Portland in 1997 and practiced medicine primarily at two Clinics: Wilsonville Veterinary Clinic and, most recently, North Portland Veterinary Hospital. She also spent a couple of years doing relief work at numerous clinics around the metro area.


Dr. Dillon loves the relationships that can develop between the veterinarian and her clients and patients. “In a house call it is even more profound”, she says. “Clients have my undivided attention and I can get a much deeper understanding of what is happening for the pet.”


Assuring that animals have the most comfortable medical experience possible is a goal to which Dr. Dillon is ardently devoted. Her Portland home is shared with her husband, young son and a very large Manx cat

Angie, Client Liasion


Believe it or not, Angie lives in Texas!  After working as a veterinary assistant for At Home Veterinary Services for two years and visiting our clients with our doctors, Angie got married and moved to New York to be with her husband and was later transferred to Texas.  Angie didn't want to work for anyone else and wanted to support them in home veterinary care she believes in so much.  So, she now answers our phone, schedules appointments and calls our clients to check in on their pets, all from Texas.  Angie connects to our records system remotely and communicates with staff via Skype, telephone, e-mail, and text!

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