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We care about your pets and want to continue to help you care for them during this crisis, but we also need to consider the safety of our community and our staff, both of which are very important to us.

We are currently open Monday-Thursday from 8 am - 5 pm  Please click the headings below for more information or call us at 503-281-1631.

  • Current Hours (New June 25, 2020)"
    Current hours of operation: We are open Monday-Thursday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Please Contact Us for additional information.
  • Services Available
    In office appointments will continue with wide availability for those of you who would prefer to bring your pet to us (save the house call fee!), or for those whom we feel would be best seen somewhere other than your home. This will continue to be curbside service - you will stay in your car and we'll talk to you in the parking lot or on the phone. House calls will be available on a case-by-case basis. Each situation presented will be discussed with regard to client/staff/patient safety and we'll try to collaboratively make the best decision possible. End of life services - these services will be provided at your home, unless you desire otherwise. We want to help make this painful time as peaceful and stress free as possible. Telemedicine (phone, video, email) consults will still be available. Prescriptions can still be mailed to your home or available for pickup at our office (curbside). Ultrasound examinations, x-rays and short procedures are available at our office.
  • Appointment Procedures
    At the office we are using a "curbside" model similar to what most veterinary practices are doing now. For most appointments, we will ask you to bring your pet to us in Lake Oswego, but we will be providing housecalls on a case by case basis. Each request will be discussed with regarad to client/staff/patient/client safety and we'll try to collaboraatively make the best decision possible. Doctors and technicians will likely be in masks and other protective gear; sanitation will continue to be of utmost concern. We can do x-rays, ultrasounds, short procedures, exams, lab work, etc in our space (you just have to wait in the car) A doctor will be calling before the appointment to talk about the symptoms you've been seeing and to discuss the plan.| After returning your pet to you, we will either call you in the car or have you call us with your credit card number
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