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Once you have decided that it is time to say good-bye to your dog or cat, you may contact us to either set up a quality of life assessment or to schedule the euthanasia appointment.


We will ask you a few questions about your situation, and give you the opportunity to ask your questions as well.


Once you inquire about an appointment, we can talk you through the process. You may also wish to read about the euthanasia process, so you will have an understanding of what will occur when we arrive.


Please know that our mission, our goal, and our sincere wish is to make this whole experience as smooth, peaceful and compassionate as possible.  We know this can be excruciating, and we will strive to make this important and difficult time as easy as possible for your whole family.


If you make the appointment, and then change your mind or need to change the timing, we completely understand. There will be no rescheduling fees, even right up to the hour of your appointment time. This is an extremely important decision, and you need to feel that the timing is right.  You may reschedule as many times as you need to in order to find that time.


Preparing For Your Pet's Euthanasia At Home

Here are some considerations and questions to ask yourself and perhaps other members of your household after you have made an appointment for euthanasia for your dog or cat:


  • Whom will you want to be there?  Sometimes people wish to have a large group of friends and family around for support, other times they want the privacy of individual experience.



  • Will you want to fill out paperwork and make a payment ahead of time, or would you prefer to do that when the veterinarian arrives?


  • Where will you want the event to occur?  Some options include your pet's favorite spot in the house, on the deck, in the car, in your garden, in a nearby park.  Generally, wherever you would like to be with your pet when you say good-bye, we can accommodate you.


  • Will you want to have special treats for your pet?  Food (generally anything they want!), a favorite toy, a good brushing?  Is there anything meaningful you can provide for yourself?  Candles, special music, readings, prayers, or flowers?  Your experience can be as unique as you are.


  • Will you want time after your pet has passed away to spend a few moments to say goodbye alone? Will you want longer than that? (Talk to us and visit our Aftercare page). Arrangements can easily be made to honor your wishes.


  • Will you need time off from work, time to attend pet loss support sessions or special arrangements to have certain people nearby for support?


We also suggest you read about our Euthanasia Process and our page about Aftercare.



Please contact us if you have any questions about the procedure, your options, or anything else.

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