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When you call, we will spend as much time on the phone with you as you need.  We won't put you on hold to answer another call.  You and the needs of your pet will be our focus from the start.  Everyone on our staff has dealt with pet loss, and we understand how painful it can be.


Euthanasia Consultation

Your first call or e-mail exchange with us will start with a discussion about what you and your pet have been experiencing that led you to inquire about pet euthanasia.


If you aren't sure the time is right, you may also want to consider a Quality of Life Assessment in your home to help determine your pet's current health and level of comfort. The assessment will also consider how the situation is affecting you and your family.


Our Arrival

One of our doctors and an assistant will arrive at your home with a small bag of supplies.  They will meet with you, and then spend time meeting with your cat or dog.  The doctor will give your pet a very brief exam and discuss the euthanasia process with you.


The Paperwork

Most people prefer to complete the Euthanasia Authorization Form online before the home visit.  You are also welcome to wait until the doctor's arrival - she will have paper forms with her for you to fill out at that time if you prefer.


Generally, people pay for the euthanasia service prior to the visit so their focus can be solely on their pet instead of paperwork and payment. 


You may use our secure online payment form or you can call 503-281-1631 at any time prior to your appointment to pay for the service. Otherwise, you may pay via personal check, cash or credit card when we are at your home. If you don't pay online, most people prefer to pay at the beginning of the appointment, but if you prefer to pay us just prior to our departure, that is fine too.



To ensure your pet is comfortable and free from anxiety during the process, the doctor will administer a sedative to your pet.  The sedative is given by injection and will put your dog or cat into a very comfortable, deeply relaxed state. The injection is similar to receiving a vaccine and may very briefly sting.  The injection is the best way to ensure your pet is relaxed and stress-free for the process.  Most of the time it takes about 5 to 10 minutes for your cat to be fully relaxed, and it usually takes a little longer - about 10-20 minutes - for most dogs.



When your pet is very relaxed or asleep, the doctor will clip a little patch of fur on one of the legs to visualize a vein.   When you are ready, the doctor will administer the euthanasia solution directly into a vein. This anesthetic drug allows for a peaceful, painless passing in just a few moments. The doctor will listen to your pet's heart and let you know when he or she has passed.  You may hold your pet during this time if you wish.


An ink paw print or a fur clipping can be obtained upon your request.



If you would like some time alone with your pet after they have passed away, we will wait outside while you say your good-byes. We can then transport your pet for cremation services if that is what you have chosen. More detailed aftercare information can be found on our Aftercare page.


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