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Deciding what to do with your pet's body after euthanasia is a very personal decision, and there are many options to consider.

Initially, you will have to decide between home burial and cremation.

Sometimes people prefer to make all of their own arrangements for burial or cremation, though most commonly we are asked to assist by transporting your pet for cremation.

Home Burial

While our veterinary team cannot assist with burial preparations, we can assist in moving your pet's body to the burial location if it is on the same property where the euthanasia occurs.  We respectfully request that you let us know if you will need assistance before we arrive to your appointment.

Before deciding on home burial, you should check  local codes/regulations in your area.


We can coordinate with you to arrange for cremation services.  We will respectfully transport your pet's body to Family Animal Services in Portland for cremation.  The cost for cremation services can be found on our Fees Page.

Our Aftercare Options page lists some questions you may want to ask yourself when making after care decisions and goes into more detail regarding your options after the euthanasia.

Aftercare Options


Euthanasia Fees