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Wellness & Illness

We provide care for healthy pets including exams, vaccines, and preventive care for dogs and cats of all ages. We really enjoy getting to know young pets and setting them up for a long and healthy life.

Preventive care exams are sometimes referred to as "wellness exams," or "annual exams" and are for pets who are apparently healthy.  Regular wellness exams are very important to prevent disease and maintain your pet's health as they age.

Preventive care includes a comprehensive evaluation from "nose to tail" and often includes recommended vaccines for your cat or dog.  Depending on your pet's age and condition, labwork may be recommended, especially for older pets who may be prone to certain diseases or conditions.


Annual or bi-annual exams may prevent disease or lead to early diagnosis and treatment of disease, which could be much less expensive and emotionally traumatic than a mid or late stage diagnosis that may require more aggressive treatment or surgery.

During our wellness exams, our veterinarians will spend about 40 minutes with you discussing your pet's health during the examination. 


Ill animals of any age may benefit from house call examinations. Often, the last thing a pet guardian wants to do is load a sick pet into the car to take them into the stressful environment of a clinic.  There is a lot that can be done at home - diagnostics like bloodwork, x-rays and ultrasound can all happen in your living room. Sick pets may receive additional consultation/discussion to develop a medical treatment plan with you.  Giving you more face to face time with our veterinarians is one of the things that sets our services apart from most traditional clinics.

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