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Quality of Life


When you aren't sure if there are options to improve your pet's comfort and quality of life, or if you are struggling to decide if it’s the right time to choose euthanasia, you may benefit from consulting with our veterinarians.  While you are always the ultimate decision maker when it comes to your pet, a home visit may help you consider all options for your pet’s comfort, quality of life and end of life care.


A Quality of Life Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of your pet, their physical and psychological state, and how they are coping with age or disease.  It also considers the care-giver's quality of life as well. An assessment may help you make a decision regarding euthanasia and determine if the most loving thing you can do for them is to say good-bye peacefully in their home.  A Quality of Life Assessment may also help determine if your pet may benefit from palliative or hospice care.  Hospice care may greatly improve your pet’s life  - and often improve your life as well - for a period of time. Sometimes a simple change in a treatment plan can make a world of difference.


A typical appointment may last from 1 to 2 hours as we go through the examination and give you and your pet our undivided attention.  We may walk you through a Quality of Life scale and teach you how to note changes in your pet's physical or mental status. You will be able to discuss at length your pet's condition, how it affects you, and what you may be struggling with in your decision-making process.

Our veterinarians will never recommend hospice strictly for the purpose of lengthening your pet’s life if their comfort, pain or related issues cannot be effectively managed through a hospice plan.  We will always be very open and honest with you regarding your pet's condition and whether hospice care is a reasonable option.

Sometimes a simple change in treatment plan can be made that can drastically alter the course of things......moving you away from considering hospice or euthanasia, and allowing you to enjoy much more time than you expected. When this happens, it is a joyful thing!  It doesn't happen every day, but does happen more often than you would expect.  It can be a real gift to people and their pets, and is our favorite outcome!

If you are interested in a Quality of Life Assessment please contact us at 503-281-1631 or use our contact form.

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