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and Refills

Prescriptions are available through our online store, mailed from our in-house pharmacy, in person during your house call, or as a written script either given to you or sent directly to the pharmacy of your choice.


It is unlawful for our doctors to refill or prescribe any medication if your pet has not been examined by our service within the past 12 months.  If you need a refill and it has been longer than 12 months since your pet's last examination by one of our doctors, we will need to schedule a home visit prior to fulfilling any prescriptions.


We will always support your right to fulfill your prescription through any service, but we would like you to be aware of the reasons we recommend purchasing prescriptions from our doctors or through our online store.


  • If we have a medication in stock, you will receive it at your appointment or it can be picked up at our office, or mailed to you and arrive faster than most online services.

  • Our doctors and technicians can answer your questions, provide you with instructions for use, and often demonstrate how to give your pet the medication.

  • There is a risk through some discount pharmacies, especially those that may operate outside of the United States that the medication is of questionable quality.  Our medication comes directly from veterinary distributors and manufacturers and we can guarantee that you will always receive quality medication.​​

  • Often medication sold online is sold through a "grey market".  There are no guarantees as to how or under what temperatures that medication has been stored, nor will the manufacturers back up medication obtained that way.

  • You would be helping our small, local business compete against large corporations that are trying to push smaller businesses to sell out or go out of business.

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