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Several of our staff have pursued additional training and certification in canine rehabilitation (like physical therapy for animals....and most of it can be applied to cats as well).   Although some people may think of "rehab" for pets as being something that happens after an injury or surgery, or to bring a canine athlete to peak performance, our main reason for seeking such training was to give us one more way to help senior pets!


With strong muscles, good balance, and increased range of motion, older animals can live more active and interesting lives.  Pets with sore joints or muscles or painful backs can be made more comfortable with some of the techniques a rehabilitation practitioner can perform (massage, joint compressions, stretching exercises).


We would love to meet your dog or cat for a rehabilitation consultation. We can do it as part of a visit to address another issue (extra time fees may apply) or we can come specifically to do an evaluation and set up a treatment plan.


Although we cannot come with an underwater treadmill to your house, we can provide a full exercise plan and can guide you as your pet becomes stronger and more fit.  Almost all pets (like all people) could benefit from regular exercise - it is part of staying strong and healthy.  We like to teach you exercises that are fun for your pet and allow you to take an active part in their healing and strengthening.

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