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Safe Appointment


Safe Appointments - All Pets


All pets, regardless of their breed, temperament, stress, anxiety or aggressiveness deserve a periodic exam or treatment for illness/injury.


We strive to provide the lowest stress veterinary visit and examination possible, using the least amount of restraint (none if possible). 


Most pets experience much less stress at home and almost all of our visits are very pleasant, comfortable and low stress.


Clients are welcome to be near and observe the examination, but to ensure our staff's safety, the safety of your pet and yourself, after the examination begins, please do not attempt to hold, restrain or put your hands near the face or mouth of your pet.


Safe Appointments - Aggressive, Fear Aggression, Fractious


Safety is our first priority.  On rare occasions, it may take more than a single visit to be able to achieve a safe exam with a pet that is aggressive/fractious. 


If a pet is too fearful or aggressive to safely examine, and our staff cannot safely sedate the pet, a second visit will be required on another date.  Before the second visit, your pet may be prescribed a sedating medication to take prior to the second appointment.


Clients are required to inform At Home Veterinary Staff if their pet has ANY history of aggression toward people.  This includes growling, biting, scratching, or attacking family, friends, veterinary staff, etc. 


Once informed of an aggressive/fractious history, we will provide you with information about how we approach these visits in a way that is in the best interest of the pet and the people in proximity. 


Dogs may be required to wear a muzzle that is placed by the client prior to the doctor's arrival.  If the owner cannot safely place a muzzle on their dog, our team will not be able to visit.  All dogs do not need to be muzzled, and we prefer to work without a muzzle when it is safe to do so.


Home visits with aggressive pets may be terminated at the discretion of the attending veterinarian if it is not safe for the patient, the client, or veterinary staff to continue the exam.


House call fees are charged for all visits, regardless if an exam is able to be completed on the first visit.  Consultation fees may be charged during the first visit to prepare a plan for following visits and review medication instructions.  


Visits with stressed, anxious or aggressive pets generally take longer than our standard 40-minute exam and may incur additional time charges.


Guardians with aggressive pets that cannot be safely examined may be referred to a Veterinary Behaviorist before any future appointment would be considered.  


If a pet owner or another person living or visiting the home (other than At Home Veterinary Services staff) is bitten by a pet, we are required by law to report it to the county in which the bit occurred.


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