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Senior Pet


We love young, healthy pets, but our passion is helping geriatric/senior pets and pets living with chronic or terminal disease who need (and deserve) extra special care. Senior pets hold a very special place in our hearts.  Almost 50% of the pets we see are "senior" or "geriatric" in age.  



If appropriate, we can teach you how to:


  • Adjust your pet's home living environment

  • Modify their diet

  • Administer fluids

  • Monitor their Quality of Life

  • Fit for a harness (to assist with standing/walking)

  • Implement an exercise plan to preserve strength and stamina



Pets give us such joy as they age.  When they are younger and full of energy they are able to provide you with great companionship and interaction.  As they age, they may slow down a bit, they may cuddle a bit more, sleep a little longer and have a harder time getting around, but above all, the sweet disposition of an older pet really gives us great comfort.  It's during these later years when we really have an opportunity to give back to them.


Our pets don't ask us for anything (other than giving us "that look" for their favorite treat), but older pets often need our assistance in many areas to help them maintain a healthy and happy life.  Caring for an older pet gives pet lovers the opportunity to really give back all that unconditional love they have received from their pet. They'll never ask you for help, but your help will be greatly appreciated.

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