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You can’t predict how your other pets will react to the loss of one of their house-mates.   After your pet is gone, sometimes the remaining pet(s) may wander aimlessly through the house as if they are looking for their friend.  Others may act like they always have and seem like it is business as usual.


We feel that many pets do experience a mourning period, and just like people, they experience it in many different ways.  Before your pet is taken from your home, you may want to allow other pets to be near their body.  Some may sniff and seem interested, and others may seem to ignore what has happened, but we believe their house-mates “understand” that their friend is no longer with them.


Here are a few things that you may want to do before and/or after the euthanasia:


  • Other than situations where their friend is wildly rambunctious, it is usually encouraged to let the house-mate be as near to or as far from the euthanasia procedure as they want to be. Over the years, we have seen some beautiful displays from other pets in the home who clearly seem to be trying to comfort their owners or say good-bye to their friends.


  • Respect their relationship as a real and meaningful thing, and understand that we do not know what they do know or don't know. It is probably safe to say they know more than we usually think they do.


  • If your pet’s house-mate is another dog, let them walk to their friend's body and sniff for a while if they want.

  • If your pet’s house-mate is a cat, you may decide to set the cat near their friend's body and let them either sniff or walk away if they desire.


  • Don’t try to force a pet to “acknowledge” their friend is gone.  They already know.

  • Try to spend a little more time with your pet - walking, playing or just sitting quietly with them. It can take some time for everyone to adjust.


  • The time may come in the future that you may bring another animal into your home to give them company, but try not to rush this.  Choosing another pet is a big decision and should be carefully thought through.


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