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In Home Veterinary Care for Pets Scheduling InformationAt Home Veterinary Services is open 7-Days a week  except for 6 holidays each year:New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.Please note that most weekend appointments are reserved for sick, hospice, urgent needs, and in home euthanasia with limited wellness exam availability.

We provide veterinary house calls for dogs and cats throughout the Portland metro area with an emphasis on geriatric medicine (senior aged pets), pets with chronic or terminal illness, and pets in need of palliative, hospice or end of life care.  We also provide general wellness exams, vaccines and other preventative care for pets of all ages.

We provide all our care in the comfort of your home including exams, acupuncture, vaccines and medication administration, x-rays, ultrasounds, internal medicine consults, and much more.  You will be surprised of the amount of care that you can receive without needing to load your pet into a carrier and/or taking them outside to a vehicle.

Our team of doctors and veterinary nurses are truly dedicated to in-home care through the use of modern veterinary medicine and acupuncture.

We firmly believe in the power of the human-animal bond, and feel honored any time we are invited to witness it or to be a small part of its development and care.  Our mission is to help you enjoy long, fulfilling relationships with your animal companions, and to provide the highest and most personal level of veterinary care available, in the comfort of your home.

We love to care for cats and dogs of all ages, but we are especially passionate about working with older pets and pets with chronic illnesses who are better cared for in the home.  We are also honored whenever we can help a family say good-bye to their pet, with compassionate euthanasia, in their favorite and most familiar place.

Why You Might Consider Veterinary House Calls

You may be considering in home care because your pet is older and less mobile, in need of palliative or hospice care, or your pet has a chronic medical condition that requires close attention at home.   Other reasons people choose a mobile vet include:  their pet doesn't travel well in a carrier; they have multiple pets and all their pets can be seen during one visit without transporting them; or some people are searching for a veterinarian who will spend more time with them and their pet without the distractions of a traditional clinic.

No matter why you are considering veterinary house calls, At Home Veterinary Services will provide you with compassionate care, support, understanding and communication that will help maintain your pet's quality of life through all of their life stages.

Our Passion for Mobile Veterinary Services

Everyone on our team is passionate about mobile veterinary services and the benefits and convenience house calls provide.  Sometimes, the stress a pet feels can influence physical exam results, and examining the pet at home can provide a better idea of the pet’s true condition.  Having the vet see the pet's environment can be helpful as well.

We offer a personal, cooperative style of patient care, partnering with our clients to provide thorough and compassionate care from birth through their geriatric years.  Of course, end-of-life concerns are almost always best dealt with at home, if possible.  We provide supportive and understanding assistance with hospice needs, in-home euthanasia and after care.

Available In Home Services

We provide comprehensive mobile veterinary services in the comfort of your home.  We see cats and dogs of all ages and provide wellness and preventative care, such as annual or bi-annual exams, vaccines, flea control, etc.; medical services for illness and minor injury; veterinary acupuncture to treat a variety of issues; quality of life assessments, palliative and hospice care, and when the time is right, compassionate in home euthanasia.