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We provide compassionate mobile veterinary services to most of the Portland metro area.

Our house calls for dogs and cats are focused on their quality of life and comfort as they age.  You can expect personal, above-and-beyond care and detailed follow up to your home visits.​

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We regret that we are not taking any new clients or patients at this time.

Our office and services will be closed entirely between July 29 and August 1. Please make arrangements for refills by July 17th.



Periodic and sick pet exams in the comfort of your home.

In-Home Euthanasia


Compassionate, in-home euthanasia to say good-bye in the comfort and familiar surroundings of home.

Quality of Life Exam


In-depth, but gentle, exam and extended consultation about your pet's health and quality of life.

Senior Pet Consultation


An exam and extended consultation focused on caring for your pet in their senior years.

Pain Control Consultation


An exam, consultation and comprehensive plan for managing your pet's pain.

Hospice Care

Palliative care and support for pets in their final stages of life.



An exam and rehabilitation plan with one of our certified doctors and technician.



Effective for dogs and cats in treating a variety of conditions.



Labwork, x-rays, ultrasounds, etc.

Home Delivery


Order supplies online and have them delivered to you.






We aren't a typical veterinary clinic.  Our veterinary house calls have no time limits.  You and your pet receive the full attention of our doctor and technician in your home. 


We aren't a discount mobile vaccine service. Our focus is on personal, supportive care with an emphasis on older pets and pets with a chronic or terminal disease in need of medical management. 


Hospice and Palliative Care are available to support your pet's quality of life as long as it is beneficial to their well-being.   When supportive care no longer enriches your pet's life, we can assist with a peaceful passing at your home.


Our Quality of Life Assessment is an extensive, but gentle, examination and extended consultation about your pet's current health.  It may help you determine if there are options for improving their comfort, or if it may be time to consider compassionate In-home Euthanasia.


We also see younger and healthy pets for their annual wellness exams and vaccines, especially those who do not travel well to a traditional veterinary clinic or experience stress or anxiety at a hospital (please read our Safe Appointment Policy).


Medical treatment, acupuncture, laser therapy, and rehabilitation are all veterinary house call options for pets of any age.

Our Fees

Our in-home examinations range from approximately 40 minutes to over one hour

There are two base fees for our home visits: the house call fee (one charge, regardless of how many pets we see), and the examination fee.


House Call Fee

  • $120 to $180 depending on your address

Examination/Consultation Fee

  • $90 per pet (includes up to 40 min of exam & consultation per pet)*

Quality of Life Examination

  • $180 for one pet (includes 60-70 minutes of exam & consultation)*

Compassionate Euthanasia

  • $315-$375 (flat fee - includes travel - based on address)

  • Cremation services are $115 and up (based on weight and service choices)

Phone and E-mail Consultation

  • Two follow-up phone calls/e-mails are included with every visit.  Additional phone/email consultation has a time-based fee schedule.

Labwork and X-Rays

  • Lab Work, X-rays, and other services have fees similar to other clinics.


*Exams/Consultations that extend beyond the 40 min exam or 70 min quality of life assessment are charged $180/hr in 15-minute increments.


**Visit our Detailed FEE Page or our Payment Policy additional information.







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Louise Mesher, DVM, CCRT

Owner Veterinarian

Heather B. Dillon, DVM​

Associate Veterinarian


Client Liaison

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We regret that we are not currently accepting any new clients or patients at this time.

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Euthanasia Information


We are sorry, but we are only scheduling euthanasia appointments for our existing clients and patients at this time.

We will be completely closed between July 29 and August 1 2024. Please make arrangements for refills by July 17th.



**PLEASE always call before visiting.**

At Home Veterinary Services

11580 SW 67th Ave

Tigard, OR 97223

Tel:  503-281-1631

Fax: 503-200-1396



8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Monday - Thursday


We will be completely closed between July 29 and August 1 2024. Please make arrangements for refills by July 17th.

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